The Poll Worker 2024 elections will begin in the fall of 2023.

Poll Workers

Requirements Positions Apply


All poll workers must complete poll worker training and plan to work at their polling place on Election Day from 6 a.m. until the last voter has voted, closing procedures have been completed and you are dismissed by the Clerk. Poll workers will also help set up their polling place the day before the election. (Poll workers who help with set up receive a small additional stipend.)

The Clerk is in charge of the overall management of the tasks, activities and poll workers in the polling place. The Clerk ensures that order is maintained, policies and procedures are followed and the election team performs its duties correctly. 

The Assistant Clerk assists the Clerk and is ready and available to serve as Clerk in the event the Clerk is unable to perform his or her duties. The Assistant Clerk uses an electronic poll book to verify voter information and communicates with the Supervisor of Elections Office to resolve voter eligibility issues. 

An Inspector sets up and maintains our electronic poll books used for voter check-in and our DS200 ballot scanners/tabulators. They also rotate positions to check voters in using an electronic poll book, issue ballots, instruct voters on where and how to mark and cast their ballot, and hand out our popular "I Voted" stickers. 

A Deputy maintains order outside the polling place, assists in marking the no solicitation zone, ensures compliance with the no solicitation zone and ensures that the polling room is accessible to all voters. 


  • Approximately 25% of our Election Day poll workers serve in positions during the two weeks of Early Voting prior to Election Day.
  • Early Voting poll worker assignments require a seven-day work commitment and work days alternate over the two weeks of Early Voting.
  • Early Voting poll workers must also commit to work on Election Day.
  • Start and end times will vary, depending on the Early Voting schedule. 
  • Poll workers work until the final voter of the day has left and end of day duties are completed.
  • Some Early Voting workers will be assigned to assist with setting up their site prior to the first day of Early Voting. 
  • All Early Voting poll workers assist with closing and packing up their site on the last day of Early Voting.


Early Voting hourly rate  

Clerk: $17/hour

Assistant Clerk: $16/hour

Inspector/Deputy: $15/hour 

Election Day lump sum
(lump sum includes training
 and working Election Day) 


Clerk: $391

Assistant Clerk: $368

Inspector/Deputy: $330

Hillsborough County Employees
utilizing Civic Leave

(civic leave stipend includes training
and working Election Day)

Clerk: $195.50

Assistant Clerk: $184

Inspector/Deputy: $165




Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Main Phone: (813) 744-5900 Toll Free: (888) 297-4362 Email: voter@votehillsborough.gov

Fred B. Karl County Center

601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 16th Floor
Tampa, FL 33602
Tel: (813) 272-5850
Fax: (813) 272-7043

Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center

2514 North Falkenburg Rd.
Tampa, FL 33619
Tel: (813) 744-5900
Fax: (813) 744-5843

Northwest Regional Office

4575 Gunn Hwy.
Tampa, FL 33624

Southeast Regional Office

10020 South U.S. Hwy. 301
Riverview, FL 33578

Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Voter registration applications and other written communications to or from the Supervisor of Elections are public records and are available to the public and media upon request unless the information is subject to a specific statutory exemption. Email addresses are also public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, please do not email us. Instead, contact us by mail or phone, or visit us in person. To request public records, visit this page.. For questions about public records, email publicrecords@votehillsborough.gov or call (813) 744-5900.